About me

Hello there! I am Chantal Hobbelen. I am a 20 year old girl and currently studying photography in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I am located in Tilburg, the city where it all began.
It started out with Instagram. I made an account for my dog Binky (pictured above) and I started to love photography more and more. That was also when my love for nature began to grow. Add those two with my love for dogs that I already had when I was a little kid, and you’ve got yourself a dog photographer! Capturing happy dogs doing what they love most, being outdoors, is what makes me want to do this for the rest of my life.

In December 2014, my grandparents gave me a Nikon D90. I was so happy! I went from an ancient phone to a beginners camera.
In 2016 I decided to study photography. It’s my passion and I wanted to take it a step further. Since then my knowledge has grown so much, I had a 10 week internship at a child photographer and I am currently an intern at a horse photographer. I didn’t know anything about horses, but 4 months and many photoshoots later changed that! They’re beautiful animals and after my internship is done in February, I would love to continue to capture these regal animals.

In 2017 I bought my dream camera: The Nikon D810. In 2018 I bought the lens every portrait photographer should have: the 70-200mm. My dream set-up isn’t complete, but so is learning photography. There’s always room for improvement, but meanwhile I continue to do what I love most: photographing animals.